Thursday, April 27, 2006

Blood Donation Day

When they ask if you've ever received money for sex or drugs, Jason likes to tell them that sometimes I get shopping money afterward.

Also, he worries that they'll take too much blood and he'll be erection-less later that night.

I mean, not really actually worried.

Just "worried" in the way that he says it to me a lot. Enough to get on my nerves. Enough to make me hope that they will take too much. But they don't. They're not as vindictive as I am.

Also, to his chagrin, Canadian Blood Services are meeting at the mall today. No Blood Mobile for Jason. Only the cookies will make the trip worthwhile.

Oh, and the saving a life part too. Nominally.

This quickie post has been brought to you by the letter S.

S for the "super-fun-happy-turbo-busy-mid-week-weekend" we're having.

Stay tuned tomorrow for "Mother Nature Attacks!" and other fun stories.

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