Wednesday, September 13, 2006

I Like This Title

I like these pj bottoms. They have a neat ribbon on them. It is light blue. I keep wrapping it around my finger, making a tiny little maypole just for me.

I like Six Feet Under. How come nobody told me about this show when it was actually on TV? I like the feel of earth in my hands, of sand in my toes, but when I die, I will be burned.

I like getting packages from Amazon. I like slicing into the packing tape with household objects that are usually too blunt or dull to do the job well. I like breaking the cardboard and having interesting things in my recycle bin.

I like my crooked teeth. I like the pattern they leave when I bite into soft cheese.

I like pink highlighters more than yellow. I like the barcodes on the shafts of highlighters. They are sexy.

I like perforated things. I like the word perforated. When I was in grade 2, our math books were perforated. When we finished a page, we tore it out to give to teacher. There was such satisfaction in tearing along that dotted line, such accomplishment. I liked the bits of paper left behind from the torn pages, a mark of progress. I liked the zzzzzzp sound of tearing them out.

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