Monday, October 25, 2004

Could you go love me from the living room?

Yes, that's the phrase I heard yesterday morning when I finally went in to rouse Jason from his sleep. Apparently my perkiness was grating on his nerves. Anyway, we had a nice breakfast, a leisurely shower (yes, I did manage to shave), and then we took advantage of our head start on the day and out of the house we went.

Of course, we didn't get very far because in Cornwall on Sunday mornings, nothing is open. So we went to the first place we could think of that would definitely be open: the gas station. Even though we only needed little more than half a talk, it cost us $35! What is the world coming to? It's at times like these that I miss just having a bus pass and my worries were done for the month. Jason is quick to remind me that I don't miss having frostbite on my posterior, which is true, but I'm a complainer, what can I say? We also needed air in our tires, because we just got 4 new tires put on the car, so of course they are all defective. Then Jason got us a couple of gas station Diet Pepsis. Diet Pepsi is my favourite, and now I have Jason hooked on it too, which is not so good because apparently his buddies always razz him about ordering Diet drinks. But anyway, he's been stocking up on gas station Pepsis because you get a code to enter to win an i-pod every hour with it, and I guess he'd like one. The grocery store Pepsis have a different contest going though, so you have to be careful.

Then we felt the wrath of God. Well, not his wrath exactly, more like his annoyance, but anyway, here's the story and you can judge for yourself: we were driving down Pitt St., and Jason has this thing where he turns the steering wheel with just the palm of his hand. But lately this is going terribly, terribly wrong because his hand somehow slides over the horn and HOOONNNNKKKK!!!! Everyone at the intersection gives us this startled look. I told Jason that this kind of thing is unsafe, and unwanted honks are God's way of telling him he's a jerk. I think most people at the intersection would agree.

Then we went to Walmart, because that's where everyone in Cornwall always ends up. Among the throngs of people today was a family of red heads. That's really cute, except that the 4 kids were all 13 and up, so it's not so cute anymore, but definitely obvious. So cute/funny to me, maybe not so much to them. Also, Jason insisted on picking up new Oxygenated Dawn. He kept shaking up the dishsoap to see the bubbles fizz to the top, which was annoying because I'm sure by the time we got home we had flat dishsoap.

On our way out of Walmart I happened to notice that Harvey's is offering something new on its menu: grilled salmon burgers, and I thought "ew". I mean, I am of that school of people who has no idea who is ordering those disgusting fillets of fish from fast food places in the first place. And now salmon? Do we really trust these guys with salmon?

So we headed to the library because I finished The Quiet American and I was feeling optimistic about The Last of the Mohicans (this was a little too optimistic, because at this rate, there are still plenty of Mohicans left). I did notice one peculiar thing about the library: everyone there was dressed up. Now I know for a fact that there is no dress code at the library, so I was puzzled for some time as to why that was. And then I remembered that on Sundays, some people, apparently a good portion of people, still go to church. Hunh!

At home I had a little nap, we read a little, then we had grilled cheese for supper (fancy schmancy, I know), Jason watched The Simpsons and I missed Desperate Housewives (TV Guide said it was on at 9pm like usual, but it was actually a repeat episode of Everybody Love's Raymond...and the thing is, I don't love Raymond). So we watched Gosford Park instead, which was good, but not great. Then I went to bed by midnight...for some reason I only sleep in 1-and a half hour increments lately, which is weird, but it means I'm getting close to a normal amount of sleep for the first time in a long time, which is nice.

Anyways, after the earlier cliffhanger entry of what to do on my Sunday, I felt I owed it to myself to record what I actually did on my Sunday, which is not a whole lot, but it was nice all the same.

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