Saturday, October 16, 2004

My first blog

Well it's 3:14am, which unfortunately is a familiar time of day (night) for me. Jason is snoring away, and Pa is snoring even louder, and so here I am, with only my sty to keep me company. Jason has been trying to convince me that writing a blog is not so nerdy, and I have no real reason to believe my nerdy husband, but here I am anyway, because it quiets the voices in my head. I probably will not stumble upon any real philosophical enlightenments here, I won't even touch the should blog also be considered a verb debate (blogging, for example). I'll just chat like normal, since as most of you know I am by nature a chatterbox anyway, and we'll leave it at that.

This is intended as somewhat of a journal, so from time to time, I hope to write a little more personally. Here is but one of many blogger's disclaimers that you can read at your leisure or just assume to mean: I'm going to write what I want. That's the best reason I know to keep a journal, is the getting out of one's feelings. You can leave comments if you want, but anything malicious will of course be deleted (as is standard to most blogs). Basically, if you've got something to say so strongly, then get your own!

Also, not that there will be anything worth copying here, but just in case, please discuss any 'borrowing' with me beforehand, and with that said, enjoy.

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