Monday, October 18, 2004

Fat Bumblebees

So it's Monday evening and Jason is off to work. The mild cold that he had last week has now been officially passed on to me, in a much more raging manner. It moved today from my throat down into my chest where it is more of an annoyance than anything. The hacking noises that I made all night long did not disturb Jason's sleep in the slightest, of which he obtained 10 blissful hours. I lied awake beside him for 7 tortured ones, made all the longer because his ears were deaf to my complaints. I finally did sleep between 10:30am and 1pm, but then someone called and we decided to just get up.

Jason left at 3pm and I was determined not to go back to bed so that I would be assured of sleep tonight. Good intentions do not keep a tired girl up, as it turns out, and I confess that I did snooze for an additional 2 hours, which ironically has made me feel all the worse.

I managed to read the paper, which in Cornwall takes all of 7 minutes, and that's because I read all the funnies and 2 horoscopes. There isn't much news in Cornwall. It's always just a little too local. They "report" on people's gardens, high school basketball scores, and almost everyone in town has sent in an editorial about "the gays".

So I took a little tour around the living room, got out of breath and had a coughing fit from doing that, helped myself to a bottle of water and an orange candy from the fat bumblebee jar. Fun day, huh?

I also wrote a note to Jason to say that he can give me a kiss when he comes in from work tonight, which is a bit past midnight, because it doesn't take him long to get home but he gives a ride to 2 other people. I plan to be fast asleep at that time, which is a good thing because last week he turned 24 and people were silly enough to send gifts, and not just any gifts, but gifts he really liked....such as THE SIMPSONS JEOPARDY. Now to the people who sent this gift, let me ask you this: Do you hate me? Is this some veiled attempt at cruelty toward Jamie? Because now every night Jason says "Ask me some Simpsons trivia!" and we both pretend there is a point to this because let's face it, it's not trivia to Jason. He takes this shit seriously. He knows Homer better than he knows me, and I think he likes him more too. Personally, I'm more of a King of the Hill fan, which will get me shot in the head if Jason ever reads this. Fortunately, I know if he's online, he's probably doing Simpsons quizzes at, and not reading about his wife's day. The only time he really pays attention to me is if I have doughnuts. D'oh!

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