Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The Curious Incident of The Dog In The Polaroid Picture

Jason and Jay have a new puppy!!

This is our new puppy-wuppy. I found him. No one reported him missing. I grew attached. And now he is ours.

I named him Toby. Jason named him Cinnamon. The jury's still out on which one Toby likes better. I found him between the pages of a library book. I was quietly reading away, and he fell out onto my lap.

I wondered where he came from, who he belonged to, if he was missed...but of course, dogs can't talk.

Toby appears to be a pug, and a rather portly one at that. He seems to like hardwood flooring and either barstools or step-ladders, depending on your interpretation.

Toby is a very good doggie. He's well-behaved, often sitting in the same place for days on end until I tell him he can move. He's extremely quiet and clean, and doesn't shed much.

Like most dogs, he has an attraction to our shoes. However, he's not much of a chewer. Mostly he just cuddles up next to them. Jason's suede running shoes probably feel and look a lot like Toby's mummy; he spends a lot of time nestled next to them.

Toby-Cinnamon is a great dog for people who aren't allowed to have pets, according to their rental agreement. Landlords have an extremely hard time detecting dogs like Toby as they are very low-maintenance and don't shit on carpets.

The one problem with Toby is that he is most definitely an eater. Dill pickles have made him a real chubster. I think he's a little self-conscious of his figure, but I keep telling him that many pugs are "rubenesque". He's not buying it. Every time Kirstie Alley comes on the TV, he knocks the phone of the hook with his snub nose and begs me with his eyes to call Jenny.

Personally, I think he and I are both going on the Eukanuba diet. It's certainly cheaper than Jenny Craig, and it can't taste much worse.

Whether Toby's sniffing butts or begging for snausages, I think it's safe to say I've fallen in love.

Now only one thing remains, and it shall go down in history as the great Name Debate. Toby? Cinnamon? Is Cinby a suitable compromise?

I rather think that Cinnamon is inappropriate since he's a BOY and Cinnamon is obviously a girl name, but Jason insists that since Toby's genitals are cut off and it's impossible to verify for sure whether we have a girl dog or a boy dog, his is just as valid.

So anyone passing by this blog today, NAME MY DOG! Cast your ballots in the comments section:

a) Toby
b) Cinnamon
c) Cinby
d) Other (well, we won't name him Other, you have to supply your own name here)

Cause if dogs weren't man's best friend, democracy would be!

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