Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The Freckle.

You taste like nothing in this waking world
Your lips paint a dreamscape I'd gladly melt into
Until you take me by the wrist a little roughly
Lead me to the room where you've made a nest
Out of old familiar satin sheets
And then you cover me to uncover me,
Discover me and rediscover me,
Reacquaint yourself with curves you've not forgotten.

Eyelashes on my stomach; hot breath at my nape
In what's left of dying light
I see your irises iridescent with greedy intent
Your body bathed in shadows
That hide in all your hallowed hollows.

Your mouth, already swollen from crushing kisses,
Brushes my ear as you hold yourself against me
Remember when I moved in you, I hear,
And I shiver savagely at the memory
The fire licks between my legs and I combust.

But though I ache with all the wanting,
Though the very marrow of my bones sings for you,
You take time for adulation
At the chapel of my chest
The Centre of the Universe, you call it
While the rest of the world calls it freckle.

As you slide across my skin again
I lose myself in a swoon of surrender
I wrap my legs around you
I keep you close, and closer
I part my lips to taste forever
You trace them with responsive fingertips
And like waves breaking on the sandy beach of my soul
You slip inside against my molten current.

You reach inside of me, so deep inside
And when I gasp you know you're golden
And silver in the moonlight
I sway my hips as if I'm dancing
We dance together in the dusk.

Only my shoulders still touch the bed
As you slam into my senses
I am punch-drunk with your lust and my lust
But when your fingers find my sweetest spot
I am sobered by the stimulation.

And then we shout into the darkness
Together, two frantic voices, two arching bodies
We collapse and lay panting like satiated animals
In the bed where we've embraced for years
Where we sleep and suck and screw
Where you pray to The Centre of the Universe.

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