Monday, July 21, 2008

The Comeback

The irony is not lost on me: In the month following a post in which I heartily told everyone that I would be back to my bloggy self, things around here have been conspicuously quiet.

Well, technically speaking, the above is not irony at all, at least not from the point of view of its correct definition (but when do I ever let things like "truth" and "reality" stand in my way?), more like a disappointing coincidence that probably surprises no one.

But I do have excuses!

1. Summer, in Canada, is a limited-time engagement, and one I've been enjoying while it lasts by lounging about in hammocks (which contort the body and leave strange tan lines, by the way) sipping daiquiris and diving into the pool when it gets too bloody hot to bear.

2. Then there was the matter of my turning another year better, and partying like a cowgirl to prove it.

3. And let's face it - this is an exciting time to be literate! The books I've been reading lately have been through the roof (although truthfully, I've done the majority of my reading afloat on a raft with convenient arm rests, wearing comically oversized sunglasses so I can make out the print on the page, where there is no roof to speak of).

4. The humidity causes me to re-straighten my hair like a million times a day, because life has taught me that if I don't, someone will be nearby to snap my frizzy-headed picture.

5. And somewhere in there, there's something about me going through a complete life makeover, moving cities, changing jobs, signing the lease on a new home.....

Come to think of it, that last one is probably what's kept me busiest. Signing contracts, frantically apartment-hunting, hounding Jason about divorce papers, commuting, packing, saying goodbyes, and of course, finding time to sandal shop and sip fruity drinks on patios despite the hecticness, it's all been sucking up my time. In a good way. But man I'm exhausted.

And excited. It's rare in life that you get to wipe the slate completely clean, but I'm taking nothing of my past life into this new one, not a thing. Everything is new and fresh and seems thrilling just because it's mine and mine alone. I feel like I'm setting off on a new adventure, one that is unlikely to have an internet connection for the first few weeks at least, which means I'm begging for just a little more time before this place sees the effects of the overhaul as well.

Miss me while I'm gone,

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