Saturday, February 12, 2005

The Difference Between Me and You

Listening to: Our Lady Peace, Live
Today I like: the fact that my grandparents are probably jitterbugging at the Valentine's Day dance right this very moment.

Random contents of my home:

I wish I could be A REAL MAN.

Unrelated post:

The two most beautiful words in the English language:

Fuck me.

The two ugliest words in the English language:

Fuck you.

The difference between me and you.


BeckyBumbleFuck said...

You love words, don't you? You're good at'em.
Hope you're well tonight...

Anonymous said...

It's funny, I never considered how two small words ("me" and "you") could have such diametrically opposed meanings when combined with "fuck." :)
-best wishes from wee-SKON-sin

Jay said...

I have had a long-standing love affair with words. I started early as both a reader and writer, I devour words faster than Jason does pizza, if you can imagine that. It may be hard to tell based on this site, but I have on occasion produced written material with academic/literary merit to it. I am fascinated with languages and captivated by the power that we give words every day of our lives.

Erin M said...

i also love how inflection of ones voice can totally change a word's meaning like :

Fuck me - as in do the dirty with me baby


Fuck me - as in aw fuck me I just screwed up and burned my house down

excellent point in the slight yet vast difference between me and you. You really shouldnt make me think at this time of night

Harry said...

You know I admire wit. I also detest pretentiosness, probably because I am so full of it myself, at times. And what I like most about your writing is that I see so much of the first, and zip of the second. Your love affair shows, even in this venue.

jonny ragel said...

'fuck off' is pretty effective. it's so action oriented. but 'fuck you' definately gets the job done. well observed indeed.

random-girl said...

Lol ;)

The next time someone asks me 'What is the difference between me and you?', I'm going to answer 'It's in the way we fuck.'

amy said...

Jay, great as always ... I think this is one area where George Carlin hasn't taken over the English language with cursing!

Joanna said...

that's deep.

Phillip said...

what about "fuck THIS".... probably too contextual.

- litol figgy - said...

very powerful post, jay. i never saw it that way. made me think.Ü