Thursday, April 04, 2013

Polly Pocket

Recently I bought a pair of pants without pockets.
I guess this is not blog-worthy news since upon reflection, I have many pairs of dress pants that have no pockets.
But these particular pants are jeans, and they don't not have pockets, they have mock pockets.
Mock pockets!
As in, there is a suggestion of pocket. Just enough of a hint of pocketdom for me to get them home from the store where I subsequently wore them, and when my fingers naturally found the lip of the pocket, they were shut out. No pocket for you.
Yes, it seems like there will be a pocket.
There should be a pocket.
But there just isn't.
However, they are decoratively pocket-like.
You know, for those times when you feel like the look of a pocket, but not the convenience of actually having one.


Maven said...

The only thing worse than the mock pocketed jeans are the abomination known as pajama pants that look like jeans (which I think might ALSO not have pockets).

I hope the jeans are comfortable at least!

F. said...

Mock pockets are the work of the devil.

Jay said...

Yeah, I otherwise have no complaints with the jeans, but they don't feel right.

Can we add jeggings to the list of attrocities commited in the name of jeans? Ugh.

Lorna said...

And then, there are cargo pants.

Teena in Toronto said...