Friday, February 10, 2006

Friday Fuckfest Does The Nerd Boy

Way back in June 2005, I confessed a secret crush on Adam Brody, the world's most lovable geek. What is it about nerd boys that is suddenly turning our heads?

Chick claimed it was the desire to help him out with his algebra homework...and we all know what follows that.

Molly seemed to think that snarky wit and "nerd curls" played a part.

But whatever does it for you (the shy blush? the stammering way he speaks to you? the grateful way he'll look at you for the rest of his life?) I present to you the very best in nerd pride, or shall we say for today's purposes...geek chic. Because even losers can get lucky sometimes.

Live from Kill the Goat, it's the Friday Fuckfest!
Fred Armisen, cast member of Saturday Night Live, masks his insecurity by making us laugh.

He's not afraid of embarrassing himself to get the laugh either - if you've ever seen him do Prince, you'll know what I'm talking about.

Maybe you have to be geeky to be an SNL player - it takes more than a mild obsession with pop culture to keep the comedy hounds fed, and if we take our cues from head writer Tina Fey, the nerdy glasses go a long way.

At first glance, Martin Freeman is exactly the
kind of guy no one would play with back when we were in school. He has little in the way of

conventional good looks, he's doughy, skittish, and his ears stick out.
The first time I saw Martin, he was a porn stand-in in Love Actually, and I couldn't help but find him charming and irresistible, no matter how awkward and dorky he was. In fact, it's the lack of polish that makes him an appealing everyman.
Roles in The Office and The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy have probably helped cement his nerdy image, not that Martin seems to mind. He's taking his nerd-dom all the way to the bank.

When you're tall and slim, you adopt a certain gawkiness that lends instantly to the label of geek, and the goody -two- shoesiness in his twinkling, downcast eyes does little to dilute it.

Nerd Alert! Not only does Topher Grace admit a certain affinity for Star Wars, he'd also prefer to stay in and play Monopoly than hit the clubs with other playboy actors his age.

Okay, so almost anyone would look like a geek standing next to Ashton Kutcher...still. This guy has a smirk that saves him from going overboard on the S.S. Pathetic.

Rivers Cuomo brings back the nerd glasses for its second appearance on today's list. As the head Weezer guy, he writes the songs that make us nod in appreciation.

Nerd quali- fications: a nose that's always in the books, both at schools like Harvard, and in his own creation, the Encyclopedia of Pop; his bowl cut; his love for the clarinet.

However, it's probably his famous vow of celibacy that earns him the nerdiest fame of all. When most rock stars are sifting through groupies with 10-fool poles, Rivers has managed not only to achieve his 2-year hiatus from sex, but has actually (and apparently voluntarily) extended it as well.

Neuroses seem to come as second- nature to Zach Braff. He plays dreamy and ruffled just a little too well for us not to notice the nerd underneath his clever facade.

After the release of his "emo" movie, Garden State (in which he cast every nerd's dream girl, Natalie Portman, as his leading lady) he has recently been noted for voicing the big-headed bird, Chicken Little, and for dating squeaky-clean pop princess Mandy Moore.

Whether or not these nerds have their revenge, they appear to have the last laugh.

So if this is your Nerd Nomination Form...which geek gets your vote?

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