Monday, May 08, 2006

Some Things

1. I will never hear Beyonce's Naughty Girl again without remembering that skinny little drag queen bopping around to it in the Bandshell.

2. Adhesive medical tape just may be my most-hated foe.

3. I love when Jason works late, because that's when he brings me treats. He comes home and he'll say "Look inside my pockets for a surprise!" and he rarely means just his penis. This past week, I got a string of 8 bracelets, 3 new shirts, a necklace, and my favourite, "sleepy time" boxers, that are scrumptialicious for spring.

4. Don Quixote is a more powerful sleep aid than the horse tranquilizers I used to use.

5. Getting high and watching 3 Men and a Baby is exactly as entertaining as it sounds.

6. I went to sleep last night dreaming of butterscotch pudding.

7. Under my right eye, a little toward the outer edge of my cheekbone, just beneath the skin, is a tiny nerve that twitches like a chipmunk on an electric fence every time someone says they had "a few beer". That nerve, she likes to pluralize beer with an S. Beers. Beers. Ah, that's better. Beers.

8. We've been hiking in the bluffs lately - we should know this is a bad idea based on:

a) the first day, we encountered someone getting rescued by a fire truck

b) driving down the bluffs was such a change in pressure that our ears popped

c) hiking back up the bluffs was so steep that my calves plotted revenge for no less than 3 days

And yet we continue to go back, to "watch nature reclaim the land" and to laugh in the face of posted signage warning us to "know your limit". Hahaha.

9. Making pies the other day, I had already rolled out my delicious crust when I discovered that my apples had gone bananas. You know how it is. No good. So I had an empty crust! What to do, what to do? I divided it and made a chocolate meringue pie and a quiche for dinner. Despite the fact that the quiche was made in a slightly sweet crust, Jason assured me that "your souffle is really good." Great.

10. Jason dragged me to see MI3. We shared a box of Reese's Pieces. I got a nosebleed from all the action sequences.

11. Am I supposed to get excited about a wedding between 2 dull, ugly, borderline moronic people? Horray because at least they found each other? Horray because this marriage is bound to last because neither of them could ever find anyone else? I am far too warped for wedding season.

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