Sunday, July 02, 2006


Lobster is as delicious as I remembered.

The third dimension still gives me headaches.

I don't know where you can find a hooker in Cornwall Ontario, but I have some ideas.

Sleeping makes me sleepy. The key to staying awake is to never sleep.

Oven still not fixed. Hexed the landlords but as far as I can tell they still have ears. :(

Stupid librarians and their 3 fancy days off. As if sitting at a desk and pointing in the general vicinity of fiction is such a hard job.

After 6 weeks of only crossing paths, Jason and I had a weekend to ourselves. Typically, it flew by in about 20 seconds while Thursday afternoons still drag by at an agonizing snail's pace.

Rain and Raine...why must the two always go hand in hand?

You know those detachable clear bra straps you can get? Well have no fear: the sun will indeed burn you right through them.

Grandmas are excellent sources of gossip.

I forget which day was Tuesday. Does this qualify me for disability yet?

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