Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Somebody Doesn't Like Me

It rained, it poured, the winds were so high it blew tiles off of houses.
Lightning lit up the sky, and we cowered beneath the biggest metal structure we could find.

We were soaked to the bone on 5 different occasions, all of them chilly.

Instead of thinking "Wee! I'm having fun!" I thought "I am literally catching pneumonia right this very instant."

An uneven layer of skin was ripped from my feet after squishing about it sopping wet shoes for 8 hours.

Upon getting wet, my shorts were discovered to be see-through, and the polka-dot panties I (thankfully) had on underneath were discernable for the rest of the day.

And for this we paid $56 each, non-refundable.

Somebody tried real hard to mess up our day.
But next year they'll just have to try harder.
We just wouldn't give in.

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