Saturday, January 01, 2005

New Year's Eve

Jason and I bought tickets to a new year's eve party this year, at a little place called Jazz Magnolias, which is New Orleans-infused, and usually a great atmosphere.uWe were hoping to avoid the teenage bar scene and be able to do something a little more adult. Jazz Magnolias, in this town anyway, is considered somewhat upscale, which means it's a step above the Outback Steakhouse (and there isn't much above that!), so we dressed up and plied ourselves with lots of champagne before we even left the house. It was a dinner/dance thing, so it started early, which means I was running around trying to get myself ready at a frenzied pace for most of the afternoon. Now, let me just say that we had the best time ever last night, really the best new year's I've ever had. The food was wonderful (mmm cajun shrimp), the crowd was great, the music was really good, both live band and dj, the drinks were only moderately overpriced, and there isn't anything more I could have wanted. But because we were with an 'older crowd' there were quite a few middle aged partiers there, which made for an interesting experience.

You know how there's always this one guy at a bar who is too old to be there, and he's alone and checking out all the 17 year old girls, and he's dancing around like he's a god, and his shirt is unbuttoned to show off his greying chest hair...well, it seems like they rounded up all these guys from all the surrounding bars and brought them all to Jazz. The result: hilarious! There was this one guy, great big beer gut, grey goatee, legs and ass poured into these black leather pants, and boy, he just knew he was hot! And this other guy with a ponytail and a circa 1970s John Travolta suit was bopping around to his own beat, apparently.

Other observations:

-This one dude looked a lot like Michael Moore, except bigger, but he had the same beard and the same goofy smile, and he was all decked out in his best sweater vest, and he was out on the dance floor playing the meanest air guitar that I've ever seen. He especially liked the AC/DC.

-Why do men think that clapping off-tempo is a dance move? A full 40% of the men there depended on this move as the bulk of their dancing repertoire. Some of them were still clapping off-beat during the slow songs. Who told them to do this?

-There was this one lady who teased her bangs extra high for the special occasion. She also wore super high stone-washed jeans...the kind that come up past the hips, over the belly button, up the rib cage, and don't end until just under the best. Sexy. Well, she thought so anyway. She was shimmying all over the place, just so proud of herself, and I thought, lady, you're too old and I'm too sober. So I went and got a couple more drinks.

-Dr. Phil was there. Dr. Phil is a bad dancer, as it turns out. He just plants his feet on the floor and doesn't move them ever again. Then he kind of thrusts his chest out, this way and that. It kind of looks like a chicken's mating ritual. Sometimes he would throw in some off-tempo clapping, but clearly with moves like that, he didn't need much clapping. He was feeling the music.


Champagne Mafia said...

Thanks for stopping by! And Happy New Year to you too! Sounds like you had a fabulous time.

Monica said...

WOW sounds like fun

Happy New Year!!!!!!! mine was ok kind of lame
I will write about it, ive been down and boring lately!!!!

Wish I could've seen the crowd!!!!!! The young people scare me, but so do the OLD people!!!!!!! and ALOT are my age!!!!(thanks goodness I never wore stone washed jeans!!!)

amy said...

Well now I know what's it like to have been that proverbial fly on the wall. Wow. Thanks for those images!

We actually saw someone with 80's Mall Hair at a mall near Hartford, CT the other day. Hilarious. She was with what appeared to be her nieces (I doubt they were her daughters) and somehow they weren't embarassed by her oversized cardigan sweater/turtleneck combo and the aforementioned stonewash jeans PLUS the mall hair. I just couldn't help but stare as we sat there waiting for our table to be called for lunch. T just leaned over and said "Some people really haven't left junior high."

"Or Long Island." I said, continuing to stare.

Wow. Scary. I live in a frightening place.

Kelsey said...

lol! it sounds like you had a good time. one day, i'd like to go to a place like that. happy new years!!

Hannah said...

Wow, you found someone that was larger than Michael Moore! I didn't think that was even possible!

citygurl said...

wow, you were surrounded by a BUNCH-O-HOTTIE'S!!

They really need to stop selling those damn acid washed to the boobs jeans...seriously, there was a law initiated in 1991 that was supposed to phase them out over a 5 year period. I supposed you can't just go into people's closets and burn their clothes, huh?

guys with pony tails??? WHY? Really. Why? Usually the pony tail guys are guys that are balding and think that if they cut their hair they'll lose it all.

My feelings about boys/men who play air guitar: please stop. pretty pretty please stop. never do this.

This is great, it sounds like you guys had an amazing time! Happy 2005!!!

{illyria} said...

wow. that was some party. i worked for the new year. that sucked.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the comments! Sounds like you had a fun NYE too ;). Happy New Year!