Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Makeout Music: Songs To Fuck By

I have exhausted myself making this list and testing it out for the good of humankind (very selfless of me, eh?). Assemble songs in exact order given and I predict a baby boom 9 months from now.

1. My Immortal, Evanescence: the song feels like deep, slow kisses,perfect for starters. If you don't have your hand up her shirt by the end of it, you're doing something wrong.

2. Colorblind, Counting Crows: the kind of music that inspires touch. It pulses.

3. Cigarettes Will Kill You, Ben Lee: steamy and sensual, this song just makes you want to touch flesh. Vaguely erotic, sure to prompt tongues into action.

4. Ain't No Sunshine, Bill Withers: Perfect transition song (a sultry walk from couch to bedroom is ensured). Slow and probing.

5. Bullet Proof...I Wish I Was, Radiohead: Tantalizing and teasing, this will heat up any set of sheets. Great accompaniment for disrobing, and then tracing a hot tongue upwards along the neck.

6. Fade Into You, Mazzy Starr: Indulgent and mysterious. Perfect for exploration in the darkness. Definitely a lesson in arousal.

7. Smoke Baby, Hawksley Workman: Intensity increases subtly to progress things. A salty song that will make way to groping and heavy breathing guaranteed. Staggeringly sexy.

8. Lit Up, Buckcherry: Raising the stakes. Take the plunge. It will make you want to fuck until the bed breaks. Great not just for missionary, but for pressed-up-against-the-wall and bent-over-the-headboard too.

9. Be Quiet and Drive, Deftones: Urgent and needy, this song will seal the deal. It has "culmination" written all over it, and if you've worked up enough sweat, you'll be treated to an out of body experience that will shake you down deep.

10. Ache For You, Ben Lee: A return to the somewhat more tender. Erotic and evocative, this song is meant for treating a woman to a little something extra, so duck under the sheets and make her sing.

11. Wicked Games, Chris Isaak: This song is meant for the collapse of sweaty bodies lying in a tangle of limbs, trying to catch their breath. Kisses that taste of sex are recommended.

12. Don't I Hold You, Wheat: smacks of the afterglow. Cuddle up and enjoy.

Running time: 50min39sec


Unknown said...
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Emer Genz said...

Thanks :)

Raederle said...

I'm trying to make the right playlist for me, and thus far I have "Closer" by NIN, "Control" by PuddleOfMudd & "Pony" by Far. I listened to each song on your list and it isn't really my style. Any suggestions given the three songs I've listed here?