Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Leave A Comment, Goddamn It

Every day, hundreds of people accidentally (or, for the sake of argument, on purpose), land on this page (yesterday: 752 ).

Every day, dozens of people kindly (or, for the sake of argument, argumentatively) leave comments (yesterday: 33 ).


There seems to be some discrepancy here.

Who are these silent people? Silence is a great mystery to me. I am unable to go anywhere without announcing my presence. I have an opinion on almost everything, and if I find myself opinionless, I make one up. It's easy - just watch:

Okay, one. In my opinion, it would be very funny to watch David Beckham try to solve a sudoku puzzle.

See how easy that was? And I was just flying by the seat of my pants, with no cues or previous discussion at all. If you've just read an entire post, then you've got something to go on, which is not to say that I always write about "something", because "content" is highly overrated, in my opinion.

See? Another opinion appears from mid-air! Like magic!
I bet you could do it too.
But here a few nudges just in case:

1. writer's block - what's the best way to clear your head? the best way to induce creativity?

2. date night - what can we possibly do next, and does this one have to be death-defying?

3. resolutions - are you making progress or have you already abandoned them?

Or how about an opinion of mine that you can argue amongst yourselves? People seem to like to do that (although, incidentally, opinions can't be wrong, they're opinions):

Science fiction fans are socially inept and completely humourless; high school students don't smoke nearly enough weed; affirmative action is an insult to those it seeks to help; Daniel Craig makes a lousy Bond; Jason should be severely mocked for listening to James Blunt; robots will revolt; religion is fairly ridiculous and probably has little place in the future.

Or, you know, ignore this like you always do, click away, don't contribute to my overall happiness a person. Whatever.

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