Friday, March 16, 2007

Stuff I Wonder

Why does my back never get itchy in a place where I can scratch it?
Why does the grocery store sell lemons in 3s and limes in 4s?
Why would polish # 96, Rouge Vamp, pick today to turn from liquid to solid?
Does Ellen DeGeneres wear a bathing suit?
Will Jason ever clean the baking soda that I used on the oven to put out the flames caused by preheating it for chicken wings without wiping the residual apple pie first?
Why do I do laundry so often when I own 37 pairs of panties?
Am I too tired to eat or too hungry to sleep?
Why do I let Jason pop my blisters?
Is it possible, that in the final week's wait for Adam Sandler's new movie Reign Over Me, I will simply burst with excitement, and Jason will have to scoop up my goop, put it in a yogurt container, and take that as his date instead?
What are we saving daylight for? Are we saving it somewhere safe? Does it accrue interest? Will it come in handy at a later date?
When will the the hangnail of my little toe finally fall off and stop torturing me?
Why did I spend $28 on a bottle of tinted moisturizer that makes people ask me why my knees are bruised?
How can a grown man not keep track of tupperware?
Did I ever get the grass stains out of my wedding dress? Where is that dress, anyway? Why am I only wondering this now?
How is it fair that my favourite bracelet rips the hair right out of my arm?
Why do the bananas go bad 5 minutes before I start to crave them?
Do I really have nothing better to do than this?

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