Saturday, March 19, 2005


Infinity is more fingers and toes than you can count.

Infinity is untouched by the grains of sand in an hour glass.

Infinity is intangible but encompassing.

Infinity is that one golden memory that imprinted itself on your brain in a snapshot of an instant, and when recalled brings a smile to your face.

Infinity is the bond between mother and child that may be tried, tested, bent this way and that, but will never break because it transcends time.

Infinity is your first true love, the feeling which will never dim, broken heart or no.

Infinity is in the last strains of beautiful music that cannot be held in the hand but can be appreciated nonetheless as its final notes blow into the wind and into your heart.

Infinity is a measure of love: I love you...I love you more...I love you infinity...I love you infinity plus one.....

Infinity is what happens after you expel your last breath.

Infinity happened to me last night. It was in your touch, in the song you made me sing. Infinity is when you both arrive at the same moment and find that just sharing it is enough.

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