Tuesday, April 12, 2005

It's 4:20pm, Do You Know Where Your Children Are?

"Hey man, did you hear about Korn?"


"No, Korn."

"Yeah sure, corn."

"Like, Korn, the band."

"Yeah, sure. I know. Korn."

"Hey, what's up with that?"


"That, over there."

"There's nothing over there."

"Oh. Hahahaha."

"Wait, what?"

"Dude, I'm hungry."

"Yeah, me too."


"I don't know."




"Am I cold?"

"I dunno, are you?"

"Am I what?"


"Yeah, now that you mention it. It's pretty cold down here."

"Once, my Dad and I went on this fishing trip and we just sat around forever, we never caught anything. The fish were all like 'Hey man, we're just swimming around, minding our own business.' It was pretty rad."

"Yeah man, fishing's awesome."

"You ever been?"

"Been where?"

"Been fishing."

"Oh. No."

"Well, it's pretty awesome."

"I have a goldfish though."


"I know. It got all fat and shit. I think it's going to have a heart attack and die."


"I know."


"My arms feel so heavy."

"My legs feel so heavy."

"I've been wanting to scratch my nose for like 20 minutes now and I can't move my arms."

"I've been wanting to take a piss for like 30 minutes now and I can't get up."

"It's like: my nose is itchy, but I can't scratch it. It's an itch I can't scratch."

"That's pretty deep, dude."



"Dude, I'm hungry."

"Yeah, me too."

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