Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Sweet Nothings

Emails during a workday:

(from Jason, to Jay)

Email me, you fucker.



(Jamie's reply to Jason)

The use of foul language young man is entirely unacceptable.
You should be scolded.
Which reminds me:
-you did not clean the grill
-you did not bring out recycle

So, in fact, you will be scolded.
A major spanking will be inflicted, and whatever other punishments I see fit.
Oh, and no potato salad for you!



(Jason writes back)

Dear Jason's Wife,

Clean the grill?!? That's woman's work.

And the recycle, sorry.

I'll take the spanking, but please let me have some of your delicious potatoe salad!



P.S. Yeah, I didn't mean that grill thing. ;)


Dear Jamie's Bitch,

Yeah, you'd better watch your back.
I am not known for my tenderness.
By the way, I did indeed get hatemail from yesterday's post.
Some guy told me my use of foul language was vulgar and unlady-like,
and that I should be struck down by God for saying such things about
the pope.
So there.



(to which Jason says)


Oh well, there'll always be people like that. And we don't like 'em.

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