Monday, April 18, 2005

Weekend Tidbits

1. I watched Jason wash the car on Thursday. I sat on the verandah flipping through the ad bag and consequently I sunburned one cheek and not the other. The next day a bird shat all over it (the car, not my cheek).

2. I am concussed. I bent over and forgot to clear my head of the great big shelving unit. My head took it on, bravely, and my head lost, big time. After several minutes of panting and cussing and barfing, I was left with a raging red goose egg. Been headachy ever since.

3. On the drive back from Ottawa, I witnessed carnage. Major carnage. Big juicy bugs flew straight into the windshield, their innards splattering heartily right in front of my virgin eyes. It was brutal. It was dirty. It was surprisingly drippy.

4. Had dinner with the mother-in-law and her new boyfriend. It went surprisingly well. She cooked for us. The last and only other time she has ever cooked me dinner was back in 2000, and it was no-name hamburger helper. I tried to swallow a few bites to be polite. This time she really outdid herself with Shake N Bake. Unfortunately she serves wine in soup bowls and I was too drunk to properly operate a fork.

5. Still bruised from seeing Sin City. Why do they make movie theatres so darn cold? Even during the summer I have to bring a hoodie with me so I don't ice over and still I feel like my poor nipples are poking through to say hello to all kinds of staring strangers. So I sit uncomfortably during the movie with my arms crossed across my chest, and this runs a risk. It runs the risk that when watching a movie like Sin City, there will be a scene that takes me by surprise and while letting out a tiny scream I also manage to squeeze the bejesus out of my own arms. And now I have blue fingerprints inside my arms, which is unsightly when wearing a t-shirt, and everyone kind of jokingly and kind of suspiciously asks if Jason's been beating on me lately.
He has, of course, but he's clever enough not to leave such obvious evidence.

6. I was really embarrassed this weekend to find out that my favourite place for a bellini now serves them up straight, and they bring the shots to your table to pour in in front of everyone. This makes it a lot easier for everyone else to count how many you've had. Rats.

7. Gas was about 10 cents cheaper per litre in Ottawa than in Cornwall this weekend, so of course we filled up, but boy did we feel guilty about it. We almost filled the trunk up with gas to bring home to friends and family, and I can't for the life of me remember why we ix-nayed the idea in the end. Jason doesn't have much of a sense of adventure. He was still fretting over Le Festival du Curd and I guess he just didn't have room in that brain of his to mull over ANOTHER of my ideas.

8. I like pineapple tidbits. No other canned fruit, as far as I can tell, comes sold in tidbits. Just what is a tidbit anyway? Discuss amongst yourselves.

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