Sunday, January 16, 2005

I Need To Clear My Head

Today I like: Dennis Quaid
Listening to: Bush: The Chemicals Between Us, Letting the Cables Sleep

1. I forgot how sexy that song is, Letting the Cables Sleep.

2. Is it immoral to open up your juice box to add gin?

3. I got to go see my darling Dennis Quaid this weekend. He was funny and charming as always. I give this movie my recommendation, for what it's worth (going rate: $2.76, CDN funds).

4. Red Bulls + sex = whoa.

5. The popsicle stick is barely hanging on.

6. This weekend I learned that Topher Grace's name is just short for Christopher, like Chris, except Topher. If I would have been a boy, my mother would have named me Kristopher. Except I was a girl, so she gave me another boy's name, Jamie, instead. I am named after her brother.

7. I need to go lie down.


sarily said...

Damn you and not allowing anonymous comments.

All I wanted to say was...

(RedBull + Vodka)*3 + anything = all kinds of fun

S. said...

You guys are totally awesome.
Sounds like an experiment I will have to try.

megingras said...

Red Bull+ Vodka = lots of fun.
Juice box+ gin = memories of college parties with Hi - C Orange and Gin.
Try the MC Donald's orange drink with gin or vodka.
Gives new meaning to "Happy Meal".
This cold is really getting to me!

Jay said...

Yeah, Sarah, I hear ya.

And we totally did do the Red Bull and vodka thing, except I think I'm going to get in trouble for saying that, because haven't some people reportedly died from that somewhere in Europe?
Maybe we just have heartier constitutions here.
Or we're just dumb.
But anyway, you can get 4 for $10 at the 7-11, and that place was packed at 2am!

Jay said...

Jason Here.

Geeeeez, I was not aware we had gin, OR juice boxes. Where ya been hiding them?

I would also like to comment that I'm growing more and more worried with the keyboard situation. I mean it's getting dire what with the tape and the popsicle sticks, I'm scared Jamie, really scared.


Jay said...

Oh Jason, quit your complaining.
You're at work where the gin won't help you and where you've got all the properly-functioning spacebars a boy could want or need.
Hurry home, I miss you.

sarily said...

yah, two or three people have died from mixing red bull w/ vodka. and a basketball player died in ireland after having a few, but the results weren't conclusive.

the red bull they import into canada is diluted....or at least that's what i heard. good stuff though.

Harry said...

We should all do the wave for little # 5!

J, don't feel so bad. Mum laid in a drug-induced haze when moi came along. And since those lying doctors promised a girl, she picked out only one name: Harriet. Eww.

Ewww. Ewwwwww. Eweee, baby.

transience said...

i'll have what she's having.

JeN said...

When the popsicle stick dies, make sure to toast it with more juicebox-gin.
Or maybe write Dennis Quaid a letter professing your love and ask him to buy you a new computer?

Just a hope... : p