Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Musical Genius

As mentioned before, and evidenced in almost every blog, I rarely miss the opportunity to spout my opinions. My friend Amy had this over on her site, and she has suggested that I should do the same. And ever since, Jason is annoying me with his rendition of his favourite songs: songs in the key of Springfield. So here it is, for all to scorn and judge, the rotten list of music that is often screeching away in my home.

1. What is the total amount of music files on your computer?

I must say, I used to have wayyyy more, but my computer can't handle it. It seems like I am forever sacrificing more music files to free up more disc space. The verdict? We need a new computer. Currently we have 803 files, and I've listened to each one in the past 4 days.

2. The CD you last bought was:

Well, that's hard too, because I tend to buy several CDs at a time. The last few have included U2, Green Day, and Scissor Sisters.

3. The song you last listend to before writing this:

Fight For Your Right, Beastie Boys

4. 5 songs that mean most to you

a)Walk Into This Room, by Ed K. (the guy from Live) and Nenah Cherry. This is great sedection music, not your typical love song, which is why we danced to it at our wedding. It's definitely not a balad, it rocks hard, but it's beautiful. It's from the soundtrack of one of my all-time favourite movies, Playing By Heart, also not your typical love story, but it's a great movie, a must-see.

b)Somewhere Out There, Our Lady Peace. This is the most invigorating song I know,
although when it comes to OLP, you can't go wrong. I feel this song so much, it makes me want to cry, plus there are the lyrics about me: "I miss your purple hair, I miss the way you taste."

c)Are You Sad?, Our Lady Peace. "I'm just a man who's made mistakes." How can you resist? It's about wanting to help your friends, but not always being able to, whether it's because you're not in a good head space yourself, or not being able
to bridge the gap to a friendship that's been cool lately. It's really heartbreaking, but great music.

d)Stealing Babies, Our Lady Peace. I loved this song so much I wrote a whole thesis about it. In short: it's about a little girl who lived with HIV but who dedicated her life to helping others. The song is a plea to God to make us understand how he can let these things happen, and how we should just stand by and watch them happen. It really gets to me, and it's a great rock song, seething with anger and unanswered questions, and has a haunting drum solo feature Mr. Elvin Jones.

e)Naveed, Our Lady Peace. This is the song that made it all happen for me. I fell in love with Our Lady Peace with this song. There's a catch in his voice in the middle of it that brings me to my knees. It's the song I use to convert other people, and it hasn't failed yet.

5. To whom will you pass the stick, and why?

Since this thing has probably spread faster than chlamydia on a dirty frat-house toilet seat, I will pass this on to only one person, but she's a good one, Miss Kelly, and if my darling husband wants to do it too (which I'm sure he will), well you can leave your crappy taste in music in the comments section, and as far as that goes, everyone can leave any segment of their favourite music too.

6. Your top 25 songs.

These songs are so super-duper, I could not possibly put them into any order:

Counting Crows, Colorblind
Robbie Williams, Feel
Michael Jackson, You Rock My World (I have been dancing to MJ since I was 3; regardless of anything else, his songs always make me move)
Barenaked Ladies, Call and Answer (this song is really sounds a bit romantic, but the lyrics are really about trying again in a failed relationship)
Vertical Horizon, You're A God
silverchair, Cemetery
Rage, Guerilla radio
Bon Jovi, I can't pick a song here, I love them all
Save Ferris, I Want You to Want Me (gosh I love these guys)
REM, Bittersweet Me
U2, Sunday Bloody Sunday (it's hard to pick just one U2 song, but this one is special to me)
Weezer, Jamie (seriously a funny song, classic Weezer)
The Flys, Got You Where I Want You
Green Day, Boulevard of Broken Dreams
Deftones, Change
Everclear, AM Radio
Reel Big Fish, Come On Eileen
Red Hot Chili Peppers, Otherside
The Watchmen, Stereo
Moist, Leave It Alone (this is such a throwback...ho, Anna!)
Finger Eleven, One Thing
Beastie Boys, Brass Monkey (that chunky monkey!)
Bif Naked, Chotee
Jay-Z&Linkin Park, their whole new album: what a funny, great, danceable combination!
Adam Sandler, Red Hooded Sweatshirt (it's hard for me to pick just one, among jewels like The Amazing Willy Wanker, The Goat Song, Lunch Lady Land, and others, but who can resist a song about a boy and his favourite sweater that never lets him down, even lets him win at basketball?)


Jay said...

Jason here, and I'd first like to state for the record: it is very unnatural to type with the damned popsicle stick. But moving on, Jamie and I are very similar and different people. Music has always fallen under that different category. I will list below a top 25 for me and you, the reader, can decide who has better taste.

Note to reader: it's me.

(No particular order)

1. I Will Survive, Cake
2. November Rain, Guns n Roses
3. Where The Streets Have No Name, U2
4. Today, Smashing Pumpkins
5. Strange Days, Matthew Good Band
6. Friday I'm In Love, The Cure
7. Zombie, The Cranberries
8. Acoustic #3, Goo Goo Dolls
9. Every You Every Me, Placebo
10. Layla, Eric Clapton
11. Losing My Religion, REM
12. Bittersweet Symphony, The Verve
13. Times Like These, Foo Fighters
14. Personal Jesus, Depeche Mode
15. Rudy, Supertramp
16. Insane In The Brain, Cypress Hill
17. Shady Lane, Pavement
18. Undertow, Tool
19. I'm Gonna Be, The Proclaimers
20. Hypnotize, Notorious BIG
21. Jumper, Third Eye Blind
22. Sabotage, Beastie Boys
23. I Got A Girl, Tripping Daisy
24. What Is Love, Haddaway
25. Jason-Have Sex With Me, Jamie

So there they are, no making fun.


Kelly said...

jamie, mind if i steal the whole thing and answer everything on my blog? no, ok, shanx.

naveed was what converted me. jamie you are oh so right about music. you and i worked together on a project in grade 10 tech class, the song we used was naveed and the movie clip was from hariette the spy. i bought naveed the album and haven't looked back since. and watching you hold onto raine's hand and try to sing was beautiful. you not being able to stop crying the whole way home from ottawa, to me, was fun.

music is my autobiography.

JeN said...

Jay, I enjoy both yours and Jason's taste in music. I applaud you listening to Green Day (my favourite band).
I enjoy even more how you like "Playing By Heart" (with the beautiful Angie in it). I also adore that movie (except for her blasted gold pants)!

As for you "I love Canada" post, you forgot one more thing that makes Canada so great...
My idol: Sue Johansen, the sex granny!!!!!

colleen said...

Ok - musically, I could *so* be your kid. My tastes run about half from each of you. :P

Jay said...

I saw Sue-Jo in person, and she was awesome. It was awesome! During her 3 hour stint, she gave a very raunchy talk, answered audience questions, and we even saw her put a condom on a banana using only her mouth. Not bad for a granny, eh?

And yeah, I spread the word about Playing by Heart all the time,it's one of my favourite movies, but because it was a little independent one, not many people have heard of it. Of course it has the great Sean Connery, and John Stewart, whom I love and adore, and Angelina and Ryan Philippe, and who could forget the adorable Dennis Quaid?
Anyway, this particular song is the one that plays when Angie and Ryan are in bed know how emotionally charged that scene is...well, it stayed with me all these years, and that song has become my song (okay, our song). Love it!

transience said...

nice taste you've got, jay. =)

Rimmy said...

Sacrificing music files to free up more space?!

You know, hard drives are pretty cheap nowadays, and if you could handle the logistics of spacebar cum popsicle stick, I'm sure you could toss in F:/MusicFilesNeverToBeDeletedAgainMwahHahHahI'mGoingToTakeOverTheWorldOhShitIsThisThingStillOn? without any problems. ;)

Jay said...

Rimmy, I adore you for your phony confidence in me, I really do. Here are my possibilities, as I see them:
a) Seeing how I have 16 gmail passes that will not give themselves away, I could use them up all myself and store my music files there
b) Get an ipod, and get nerdsonsite to help me understand it
c) go back to using 8-track tapes
d) suspend all of my files in space while I buy a new computer, and transfer them on to it

Rimmy said...

Go for choice (d).

Except... it's not illegal or immoral to just slam an additional drive in there, you know... ;)

Although if we're talking about a truly decrepit machine, you might want to slam gently. :P

Green-Eyed Lady(GEL) said...

Hiya Jay!
My pc has been freezing up or I would have stopped back in to say "hey" earlier. Could U send some music here to lube its kinks? (That didn't sound right, lol- but I'm leaving the post in ;). Well, you know I adore music b/c my blog is "Good Vibrations" although that partic. song is much older than me... I'm eclectic in my music taste. Thx for your raves about my daughter's paintings. BTW, that sux that your mom threw out your rocks! Collecting objects w/ commonalities is often a sign of high intelligence. (organizing, sorting, concentration, etc.) My kids (& me) were enthralled when our pediatrician talked fondly of his own rock collection...seems only certain others understand the allure. Gotta go try LADY OF PEACE! Tx

JeN said...

Jay, I feel your pain with the GODDAMNED gmail invites. I've gotten at least 20 so far. I think the invites screw like rabbits since they keep multiplying.
I've been kickin' 'em to the curb here: gmail invite spooler. If I see that little maroon "you've got x invites" link again, oh I'll scream...

Kelsey said...

Dude! I Fricken Love Deftones, Change!!!!! it's on the queen of the damned soundtrack. i love that soundtrack. i listen to it all the times! ^_^