Tuesday, January 11, 2005

One Loyal Friend is Worth 1000 Relatives

Today I love: Colin Firth
Listening to: Weezer

Last night, even though I was weeping from exhaustion (does this happen to anyone else? I literally lose control of my tear ducts!), I felt I had to stay up in a valiant attempt to watch a rented movie that had to be back today. It was the English Patient, in honour of my recently having re-read the book. I savoured and appreciated it all over again, and I thought I was ready to give the movie a chance (which is a risk, because often movies based on books are a real let-down).

And this one was no exception.

Now, I realize this movie somehow managed to win some Oscars and such. But to be fair, it was up against Jerry Maguire. I mean really, who would give an Oscar to that cheese-fest? Sure I saw it, sure I cried - it's a feel-good romantic comedy. But everyone knows that no matter how great a comedy is, it just won't be recognized (take Fargo for example, it didn't win, and it probably deserved it way more than Jerry Maguire).

It swayed so far from the book, I was much chagrined. The book is so haunting and so sensual and so wonderful...of course Hollywood has to come along and take every beautiful part and turn it into a farce. Anyway, an hour and a half into it, I said to Jason that I hoped it would just end soon, because I was up way past my bedtime. He just laughed. He knew this movie was almost 3 hours long, and I did not. I couldn't even guesstimate the running time because the movie was so unfamiliar to me that I may as well have read 'Johnny learns to ride a bicycle' and I would have been able to follow along just as well. Anyway, I turned it off, and had a delicious sleep. No word yet on whether or not I will attempt to finish the movie tonight (because as I later discovered, the movie is not due back until tomorrow, ugh).

All that to say I woke up in a mah-velous mood this morning. Maybe that's because I woke up to the phone ringing for me - I have an appointment! With my surgeon! Perhaps the end of my pain and suffering is in sight!

In any case, I felt it warranted an excessive us of !!!!s.

And then, to add to my happiness...well, let's just say I have great friends.

So today, I propose a toast to friendship:

Thank you friend who talked me out of getting that haircut that would have put a cold, dead stop to my sex life.

Thank you friend who told me that 12 tequilla shots were nothing to be ashamed of. And then held my hair as I puked. And didn't even complain when I got some on her shoe.

Thank you friend who held me close and brought me kleenex when we watched Armaggeddon, and never made fun of my mantra back in '97: when Ben Affleck cries, so do I.

Thank you friend who made my first tattoo a memorable one, complete with plastic wrap and molestations.

Thank you friend who rescued me from the man who mistook me for a hooker and became such a protective presence that I immediately felt safe.

Thank you friend who made work a little more bearable with your odd whistling quirks and your sexy stories.

Thank you friend who introduced me to 'betting on the ponies' and then who rolled around naked with me on the 1000 dollar bills that we won.

Thank you friend who visited me when I was sick, and even brought me play-dough to cheer me up, even though the smell of it gave me the heaves.

Thank you friend who gave me his coat to put over my tube top outside at the club, thus saving me from yet another bout of pneumonia.

Thank you friend who first suggested that since my advice was so good and true, I should consider going into psychology.

Thank you friend who cried with me when I was broken, who danced on the speaker with me when I was drunk, who sat through millions of showings of Billy Madison with me, and who did it all with kindness and patience.

I wish that everyone could be so lucky.


JeN said...

Books are always WAY better than the movies made based off of them.
And, I agree that friends are amazing! : )

Pearl said...

This made me :)

Melinda said...

Fabulous friend there!

And I love Colin Firth too!!!

citygurl said...

you are a very lucky girl! nothing can replace a great girlfriend...

my favorite and the one I relate to the most: encouraging 12 shots of tequilla and holding your hair as you puke...ah, these are your dearest friends...

good luck with the operation...sounds awful what you're going through...

and i rented the english patient after all the hype and turned it off after ten minutes because I was so B.O.R.E.D.

Monica said...

Thanks to the friend who forgot my birthday for the past 5 years.................

thanks for the friend who is my constant companion until they get a boyfriend and is never heard from again...

thanks to the friend who bailed the night before our trip to florida(still have the ticket from 6 years ago)........

HEY WAIT A MINUTE!!!!! I want YOUR Friends!!!

transience said...

thank you for jay who writes beautifully and frankly about the goings-on in her life.

amy said...


But your friends sound like they are truly the best! Jay, you are so lucky - and you know it! (Some people don't ... bastahds)

Kelly said...

Thank you friend who made the fifth and final year of high school a competition. I mean, for real, Jamie, who else would have competed? Only you and me baby, only you and me.

I also hate to admit this... The evening after your gathering, at the bar we used to frequent à la Quebec, brought me back, in a drunken rye-enduced state, to the competition frame of mind. I was told I made out with a boy who looked fourteen... and so he probly was. Ode to The Saint. ewich!

Tara said...

Wow...that is quite an interesting friends list Jay! I have never seen the movie because I heard it was lousy, but I do lose control of the old tear ducts when I'm tired too!

Shane said...

Hello Jay, et al.,

The friends list reads really well. Your comment on the haircut:sex-life relationship is an interesting one - thing is, what to do when the sex-life seems to call for a haircut that you're bored with or just plain don't like anymore?

Thought you might be interested in this:

http://the-thesis-chronicles.blogspot.com - January 12th

Re Colin Firth: he could do with the edge (but not the foppishness) of a Hugh Grant.

Jay said...

CG - Some days it's awful, most days I've learned to live with it, and I keep reminding myself that the pain I have now is nothing compared to the pain I had 2 surgeries ago!
And fyi, I did finish the movie! (did not feel very gratified)

Monica - With all of your great martini stuff, I bet you could have my friends for the price of some cocktail olives! And believe me, I've had some friends like that too.

Amy - Yup, truly sisters.

Kelly - That damn competition! I made out with so many boys, I'm lucky the worst thing I got was mono, and as you know, that laid me up for 6 weeks! Remember my 'lucky shirt'? I still have it. I'm not allowed to wear it anymore.

Shane - In case you missed it, I absolutely do love Hugh Grant. Here's proof: http://saintvodkaofthemartini.blogspot.com/2004/11/10-men-id-like-to-find-under-my-tree.html#comments